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Dusty the Doolin Dolphin

Dusty the bottled nose dolphin first appeared at Doolin pier in spring 2011 and has been here more often that not since then. dusty the doolin dolphin

If she is not following the boats as they come in and out, she can be seen at the end of the slipway with swimmers.

Dusty is a female dolphin and is believed to be about 12-14 years old. She is about 10ft long.

While it is possible to get very close to her and interact with her people must remember that she is a wild animal.

Swimming with Dusty.

Should you choose to swim with Dusty, you do so at your own risk

Swimmers please be alert while at the harbour. Ferries and powerboats dock here through out the day. They need space to maneuver safely.

Do not grab Dusty or touch her blowhole or area around her eyes, mouth and dorsal fin. These areas are very sensitive.

Loud and persistent splashing can affect Dusty’s very sensitive sonar/hearing and can become irritating for her. Go easy.

Dusty has a lot to amuse herself in her own marine environment, she doesn’t need man made objects to play with, and these can be harmful.

Always stay back if you see Dusty interacting with other wild dolphins in the bay. She needs her time with her own kind too.

If using an underwater camera please be sure to turn off the flash. The bright sudden flash can startle her.

If Dusty begins to slap her tail on the surface of the water, always best to get out and just wait a while until she calms down.

Swimmers let the dolphin come to you in her own time and always allow her the space & freedom to leave. Don’t crowd her.

Look, listen and learn, Dusty is happy to show you her world if you’re willing to let her teach you. Always remember you are a guest in her home, treat her with respect.

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