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Burren Cave's

The Burren is one of the most famous and unique karst landscapes in Western Europe. The caves in the Burren are unique and have a rich and varied history.

It is an upland area of mostly very pure, well-bedded Carboniferous limestone covering about 400 square kilometres. The longest cave in Ireland is the Poulnagollum/Poll Elva system – currently 16km long, gave its name to Gollum from Lord of the rings.

Doolin lies in the western Burren: Here the hills have summits formed of impermeable shales providing the catchment areas for swallow holes located at the shale/limestone boundary. These caves tend to be wet canyon caves and are liable to sudden flooding.

The Doolin Cave System:

The cave system has three entrances, Fishermanss Pot, Aran View Swallet and St Catherines One.

The through trip from St Catherines One to the Fisherstreet Pot is one of the most popular caving trips in County Clare. The Allie river sinks into the Doolin cave system just below Roadford bridge, and only in wet weather does it get to flow directly to the sea beyond Fisherstreet Pot.

Doolin Stalactite
Cascade in the Doolin Cave System.

The Green Holes of Doolin:

The Green Holes of Doolin which lie north of Doolin Harbor is a complex network of submerged passages. There are four separate cave systems. The Reef Caves, The Hell Complex, Urchin Cave and Mermaids Hole. Doolin green hole

Mermaids hole was originally extensively explored by cave divers Brian Judd and Martin Farr and is Ireland's longest underwater sea cave.

In 1990 the legendary welsh cave diver Martin Farr managed to penetrate Mermaids Hole a distance on 900m from the entrance which lies 18 meters underwater North East of Doolin Harbor.

A year later Brian Judd pushed it another 35 meters. It was not until 2008 that Polish Born cave diver Artur Conrad pushed Mermaids Hole to 1025 meters.

Further details on the Green Holes at Doolin can be found at British Marine Life Study and The NPC journal.

Doolin Cave:

The Great Stalactite was discovered in 1952, in a cave system known as Pol-AN-IONAIN.

The stalactite was found in a 40m long chamber, one of the largest chambers in County Clare. Measuring 7.3 metres (23 feet) in length, it is recognised as being the longest stalactite in the Northern hemisphere. Tours of the cave are available at the Doolin Cave visitors centre and take approximately one hour.

Doolin Cave is a five minute drive from Sea View House and there are tours every day most of the year from 10:00am - 5:00pm. Tickets are available at the cave. Doolin Cave

Doolin Stalactite
The Great Stalactite






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